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Hahn: Just how young are these Knicks?

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Pretty young, as it turns out. Alan Hahn put on his number-crunchin' hat to calculate the Knicks' average age and compare it to other teams past and present (subscription needed and recommended).

The Knicks (average age of 24.6 years) currently have one of the youngest rosters in the league, with only six other teams -- Timberwolves (23.4), Nets (24.0), Thunder (24.1), Kings (24.2), Wizards (24.4) and Grizzlies (24.5) -- with a younger roster. Note that out of those six teams, only one (OKC) made the playoffs.

But the 2010-11 team will mark the youngest group the franchise has assembled to open a season in 30 years and fifth-youngest in franchise history. According to research compiled by the Elias Sports Bureau, you have to go back to Red Holzman's second stint as coach in the early 1980s, when the 1980-81 team, comprised of phenoms such as third-year star Michael Ray Richardson, supersophs Bill Cartwright and Sly Williams and three rookies, including Mike Woodson, averaged 24.5794 years of age.

Said differently:

- Not a single Knick saw the '70s. Thankfully, Mike D'Antoni saw enough of the '70s to go around.

- Anthony Randolph is the first Knick in NBA history to be younger than yours truly.

- Seriously, there were over 4 months during which I was alive and Anthony Randolph was not. I cried that entire time. It's also possible that I purple crayon'd Anthony into existence.

- Unnamed sources tell me Timofey Mozgov is actually a 9 year-old and that his height is the result of an experiment gone wrong.

- By my count, eight different Knicks are on the Twitters or Tweeties or whatever you kids are emailing each other about these days.

- If you exclude Eddy Curry, the most seasoned Knick (9 years), the team's average years of experience would be an imaginary number.

- Patrick Ewing...JUNIOR.

Q.E.D. The Knicks are young as hell. Leadership, late-game poise, and locker room presence will be a valued commodity on this team. From which of the "elder statesmen" will those qualities emerge?