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Timofey Mozgov arrives, Eddy Curry does not.

Training camp starts on Saturday. The Knicks will have two-a-day practices in the mornings and evenings every day from then until September 29th, at which point the squad will head to Europe. Speaking of Europe, here's Alan Hahn:

Timofey Mozgov is expected to arrive today at the MSG Training Center ready for training camp, which officially opens Saturday. The 7-1 Russian center finished a nine-game stint in Turkey at the FIBAs a little over a week ago and returned to Russia to collect his things and complete his official paperwork before making the trip to the U.S.

Sources tell me Timofey's "things" included a keyboard, a saxophone, and a balalaika. Sources also tell me that Timofey's "trip" was via zeppelin. Meanwhile, a bunch of the more local Knicks have been scrimmagin' and sharin' laffs, with one conspicuous absence. Marc Berman:

Curry will become the last Knicks player to report, according to sources. The official reporting date is Friday, with two-a-day practices starting Saturday.

The Knicks were told Curry would arrive just after Labor Day. Didn't happen. Then they were told he'd be in Westchester last week. Didn't happen. They expected him again yesterday. Didn't happen.

Berman's cheekiness isn't totally unfounded. Curry's M.I.A. status has turned into a theme this summer.  Hopefully, whatever loose ends Eddy has are getting tied up, because the clock is ticking and the Russians are here.

Basketball needs to start,