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Knicks Invite Shawne Williams to Training Camp

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Alright! Some intrigue! The Knicks added a 16th man to the roster in preparation for training camp, inviting Shawne Williams to take a non-guaranteed shot at a roster spot. In case you don't remember this particular bloke (who is different from this bloke, although they share some of the same hobbies), here's Alan Hahn:

At face value, it appears the Knicks are giving a young player (he's 24) with great athleticism and size (7-3 wingspan) a look. If anything, they can cut him before the season and, if they like what they see, they can always keep tabs on him in the D-League. He played for the Bobcats in the Orlando Summer League.

The 6-9 forward, who was the 17th pick by the Pacers in the 2006 draft, has seen his career go off the tracks because of some dumb decisions -- twice busted for marijuana possession and cited in July for driving with a suspended license -- and found himself out of the league.

Excellent! Shawne's gunnin' for ya, Pat Jr.