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The Rudy Fernandez rumors just won't go away.

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Kelenna Azubuike is looking less and less likely to be fully healthy in time for training camp. As long as he's uncertain and the starting shooting guard spot is up for grabs, the rumors linking Spanish guard Rudy Fernandez ("El Descontento"?) to the Knicks will persist. From what Alan Hahn says in his most recent Fix (subscribe!), it seems like the parties involved have made little to no progress.

The Knicks maintain a strong interest in Fernandez, who would solve their issue at the 2, but it'll be up to the Blazers to make it happen. From what I'm hearing, the Blazer hierarchy is none too pleased with Rudy and his agent, Andy Miller, who have gone public with their trade preferences. So several NBA insiders have suggested to me that Portland will exhaust all other options before they'd even consider doing Rudy a favor and sending him exactly where he wants to go, especially if the Knicks aren't offering anything they really want. And what they want is a first round pick. The Knicks could give them one, but not until 2014.

Nothing new there. The Blazers have wanted a first rounder since early August, and the Knicks have been without a first rounder since February. That's an insurmountable obstacle.

...or is it? Frank Isola's sources tell us that the Blazers got creative up in here, roping a third team into the deal.

According to a team source, Knicks president Donnie Walsh recently rejected a three-team deal that would have sent Anthony Randolph to Indiana, a first-round pick to Portland and Fernandez to New York.
UM, more specific, please. Rejected how? Walsh couldn't have just hung up on this one. This is more along the lines of:

1. Hang up phone
2. Urinate on phone
3. Disassemble phone with screwdriver.
4. Mail each individual phone piece to a different country, except for the number "4" key, which should be ground into a powder, then brewed into a heady tea that Anthony Randolph will drink to make him stronger.
5. Implement a trade embargo on every country that received a phone piece.
6. If any phone piece country disputes said embargo, declare war on it (I'm certain James Dolan has the means).
7. Hide Anthony Randolph in a bunker in the earth's mantle so teams will stop asking about him (and so he can be nearer to the volcanic depths from which he was born.)
8. Get a new phone, call Rich Cho, and offer him Andy Rautins for Brandon Roy.

That's how it's done. Hands off Anthony, you creeps.