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The Knicks Tweet Milan

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Your New York Knicks landed in Mulan Milan, Italy late last night, and have spent the last twelve hours or so getting their bearings, coping with jet lag, and logging some practice in anticipation of their Sunday match-up with Armani Jeans MIlano. To get a sense for how the guys are settling in, Twitter just about does the trick. Here's what some of the Knicks have twat today:


Wilson Chandler:

Going bak 2 sleep n get some Z's b4 practice

Neat! How about Landry Fields?

Mayhem! Lol

Lmao! Meanwhile, Wilson wasn't the only sleepy one. Here's Roger Mason:

We made it to Milan safely. I need a quick nap tho, i have serious jet lag...

Practice came later on. Was it successful, or was it a dogpile of snoozing lagjets? Take the jump to find out!!!1


Practice done! Ready to check out this city. Food? Uh, yeah.


We finished a good practice. This jet lag is no joke, but it was good to run around and get a sweat. Headed to dinner with the team now.


Body felt better n practice 2day... Gettin better slowly but surely smh... P.U.S.H pray until something happens n of course work wit de PT's

Oh, and:

Man dese hotels don't allow irons that's weak! I'm gonna be walkin around lookin like lamont sanford smh lmao

Amar'e Stoudemire:

Milan, Italy. We are about to grab dinner. We had a full day an a great practice. Welcome home @gallinari8888

Danilo Gallinari, for the record, has been silent on Twitter since they arrived. He's got bigger pesci to fry right now.

For more on Gallo, check out Howard Beck's excellent piece from today's Times. A sample:

As he strolled through the aisles of pasta and olive oil, Gallinari stopped occasionally to shake hands with well-wishing Knick fans. He is actually recognized more often on the streets of Manhattan than in Milan, where soccer is a religion and basketball is a minor sport. Among basketball icons here, Gallinari would rank well behind his coach, Mike D’Antoni, who starred for Milano in the 1970s and ’80s, leading the club to numerous championships.

"Mike is an idol there," Gallinari said. "He won everything."

And on that note, I should mention that the Knicks' beat writers are worth following as well during this trip to Milan. They're up to all kinds of nonsense of their own.