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Game Thread: Russia vs. United States- 9/9/10

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Good morning, saltpeters. Today is a special day, for the Knicks are playing on national TV. Well, I should rephrase that. A Knick is playing on national TV, and I'm all kinds of excited. At 11 AM EST, Timofey Mozgov and Russia will face the US National team in a quarterfinal elimination game on ESPN. Rooting allegiances aside, this is an excellent opportunity to catch this summer's foreign free agent acquisition at work against NBA talent, particularly for those of us who don't have ESPN3 or haven't seen much of Mozgov so far.

If you're lucky enough to be free to watch basketball on a Thursday morning, this is your spot to comment along. If you're at work, in class, or mired in knee-deep quicksand with only your laptop in reach and an internet connection that isn't quite fast enough to stream video but is just fast enough to refresh P&T, you can keep up with the game in the comments.

Crush them, Timofey.