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Game Thread: Knicks at Trailblazers- 1/11/11

Why hello! Both Seth and the Knicks remain out west to battle their respective nemeses. In the Knicks' case; The Blazers. In Seth's case; uncontrollable erotic somnambulism. Each of these gives Knicks fans a legitimate reason to stay up late!

The Knicks are playing for the upper-hand on this difficult road trip while the Blazers are playing to stay above .500 and remain in the playoff hunt despite the usual unfortunate Portland Drama. To read about them, float over to the super-duper Blazersedge. If you do, be good.

Tip's at 10, come on by to comment along and share in the experience! My favorite Knicks game? That'd be a tie, between all of 'em!

P.S. Remember when some people wanted to trade Wilson Chandler for Rudy Fernandez? Good call, Donnie!