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Landry Fields Discovers the Wonders of Snow

Landry Fields has been bloggin' at the Knicks' official website. As you'd expect from a flawless human being, it's pretty entertaining. From his most recent entry:

Now, if I wasn't an educated man, I would think this white, pea-sized material, was foreshadowing for a cataclysmic event. However, after proper research and the fact that my body was trembling involuntarily, I quickly concluded that I was experiencing my first snow storm. Awesome timing Mother Nature, it wasn't like I had to drive home from the city... oh wait. That car ride home took approximately two and half hours to Westchester County. My vehicle topped an all time record speed of 25 mph, Nascar status. The way cars were moving on the highway was in similar fashion to me when I go ice-skating; slipping, sliding and uncontrollable movement. I remember thinking this looked funnier on television. I made is safely home though, obviously.

Mother Nature is lucky. If Landry or his chariot suffered so much as a scratch from the treacherous weather, I would have had to write her a VERY strongly worded email. Anyway, check out the whole entry for stuff on Landry's second Rookie of the Month award and updates on the Andy 'n' Landry show!