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Raymond Felton won't stop for a sprained ankle.

Raymond Felton rolled his ankle something fierce during the third quarter of last night's Knicks-Blazers game. He kept playing, though, and via Alan Hahn, now insists that he'll be ready to go for tonight's match-up with the Jazzes. Felton still hasn't missed a game this season despite injuries to his back, hand, and now ankle. The man is unstoppable. He is some combination of warrior, bulldog, rugged penguin, and little engine that could. Or is he something else? From that Hahn article, Ronny Turiaf had this to say about his point guard:

"With him, we're on the same page at all times," Turiaf said of Felton. "He directs traffic, in a sense, and my job is 10 times easier when somebody tells me what to do. I like to follow orders. He's my little general. My midget general. And I really enjoy playing with him."

Yeah, or that.