Possible Summer Free Agent Centers

Its been talked about for a while now; the Knicks need a big man in the paint to play D and grab some boards. While one can be acquired through some trade this season, I think it would be better for us to wait for the summer and see how things play out with the Melo talks. Everyone has mentioned getting Marc Gasol, so I'll leave him out of this talk. I tried to focus on guys who would come reasonably cheap and can still help us out.

1) Chuck Hayes

2010-2011 salary: $1.972 mil

Stats/36 min: 21.5 mpg 10.1 pts 9.8 rbs 2.7 ast 1 blk 1.1 stl

Hayes has been the Rockets' starting C for 20 games this season, but does not play starter's minutes. He is a solid defender who, while undersized, can box out well and is very good with positioning. Signing him would be a nod to Turiaf and allow us to have a center by committee approach, with those two splitting the minutes at the 5.

2) Kris Humphries

2010-2011 salary: $3.2 mil

Stats/36: 25.1 mpg 12.2 pts 13.2 rbs 1.5 ast 1.4 blk .6 stl

Humphries is on the woeful Nets, and I wouldn't be surprised if he was inclined to leave this team. With Lopez taking a big step back this year as far as rebounding, Humphries has definitely picked up the slack. He is a great team player; the quintessential hustle guy that fans and teammates love. He isn't a great offensive player, but can hit the J from about 12-15 ft out if left open, and will get most points off putbacks and cuts to the basket.

3) Joel Przybilla

2010-2011 salary: $7.41 mil

2008-2009 stats/36: 23.8 mpg 8.3 pts 13.2 rbs .5 ast 1.8 blk .6 stl

Przybilla has been injured for the last two seasons and hasn't seen much playing time due to this. If he can stay healthy and work his way back to the numbers he posted in 08-09 the Knicks could definitely take a flyer on him.

4) Greg Oden

2010-2011 salary: $6.76 mil

2009-2010 stats/36: 23.9 mpg 16.7 pts 12.8 rbs 1.4 ast 3.4 blk .6 stl

Oden is a restricted free agent, but a lot of news outlets have been saying the Blazers would rather cut their losses with Oden and let another team hope he can stay healthy and be productive. You see the numbers; when Oden is healthy he is a beast and has the potential to be a top 5 center in the league. The question here isn't his skill, but his body. (pause) I would love to see Walsh roll the dice and take Oden with a not too large contract given his injury history. I don't know if he would though, given the recent failures of the Knicks and IT's disastrous signings/trades.

Ideally, all of these guys would be rotated with Turiaf at the center position for about 20 minutes a game, with the exception of Oden, who if he can be game-ready and healthy is a quality 35 mpg starter given his skill level. I think it is imperative that Walsh snap one of these guys up from the FA market if we can't get some of the more marquis names (Chandler, Gasol, Nene).