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Game Thread: Knicks at Jazz- 1/12/11

Good evening, cardamoms. I know the Knicks and Jazzes don't play until 9, but I've missed two games in a row and am very excited to be able to watch I got antsy and made this thread. (At least, I'm ASSUMING I can watch this game. It's on "FSN Rocky Mountain" and I'm currently sitting between two Rocky Mountains. If the game is blacked out somehow I am going to start an avalanche.)

The Jazz are a good team with a great point guard and excellent big men that favors a slow pace. They have plenty in common with the Blazers, actually. It should be a tough road test for New York and a lively game of hüps. One thing to watch for is the play of Raymond Felton. As a number of you have pointed out, Felton has a tendency to shine against elite point guards. Deron Williams is just that.

Comment here before and during the game, and also check out the excellent (and excellently named) SLC Dunk for jazzy things.

Update: Marc Berman twat that Toney Douglas will not play. This could mean wire-to-wire Felton, a bit of point guard dabbling from somebody like Landry Fields, or perhaps an opportunity for Andy Rautins or Roger Mason Jr. Or maybe all of the above, somehow.