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Shawne Williams On the Corner Three

Shawne Williams shot a jaw-dropping, pants-pooping 7-8 from downtown against the Jazz last night, moving him to a preposterous 33-56 on the season. If you've been watching, you know that the vast majority of those threes come from the corners, a very well-regarded point of attack. It's what makes Williams such a deadly floor-spreading weapon, and also why we all find ourselves shouting about poop a few nights a week. Alan Hahn caught up with Extra E to discuss his favorite shot:

"I'm just really smart about being in the corner because I know that's the highest percentage shots you can get," he said. "I'm going to roll with the statistics."


"I feel like I can shoot," Williams said. "That's just what it is."

Click through for more from Williams. I highly recommend you do what I did and pretend each of Shawne's quotes is a line from his forthcoming self-help book: "Poopin' Steady".