How about this center as a trade target

I'm from the camp that Carmelo doesn't bring that much extra to the table. I am a fan that likes watch our children turn into men, and Gallo, Wil, Landry, and even Randolph are still babies. I just don't think Carmelo adds that many extra points to our already league leading average, and I think he hurts us defensively. The price is too high.

So if we use a trade chip or two, it should be for a bruising center. If the Nets can mortgage their future for Carmelo, and the Nuggets are willing to go into true rebuilding mode, what about knocking on their door afterwards for Nene'?

He's 28 years old, and has a player option for next year on this contract - he may opt out if they gut the team anyway. He's not a 10+ rebounder, and he isn't injury free - but a could be a nice 30 minute a game player and make a sweet rotation between Amare, Ronny, and him. He is athletic and big, although he doesn't shoot like D'Antonio likes (neither does Turiaf).

It was reported that Randolph gets us a 1st round pick - would we be overpaying if we sent Gallo and the pick for Nene? I'm really warming to the idea of Wil at the 3, and Extra E backing up the 2 and 3.