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Anthony Randolph's agent has requested that he be traded.

Along with the much ballyhooed meeting between Donnie Walsh and Leon Rose last night, Walsh had a quieter but probably more productive conference with Bill Duffy. Duffy is the agent to Anthony Randolph, the beloved flying man-phasmid who, for all his physical gifts, never demonstrated the wherewithal to crack Mike D'Antoni's rotation. According to reports, Duffy has requested that his young client be traded. From the Post:

"The truth is we had a very constructive meeting with Donnie regarding Anthony," Duffy wrote in a text message. "Donnie said he would have an open mind and would only do what would be mutually beneficial. I agreed that was fair, but emphasized the sooner the better. He would not get specific but said we should circle back very soon."

As has been mentioned, Randolph might be dealt in order to acquire a piece (likely a pick) to be included in an über-deal for Carmelo Anthony. Even if a bigger deal falls through, or if Walsh opts to wait on (surname) Anthony, Randolph could still be out the door. ESPN reports that Indiana, Portland, and Minnesota are potential suitors who'd be willing to exchange a draft pick for the 21 year-old's ambiguously valuable services.

With Mike D'Antoni's Knicks trying very hard (despite what last night would tell you) to climb the playoff seeding ladder, allowing Randolph to grow on the court just wasn't in the cards. A team like the Timberwolves, with fewer expectations and plenty of room to experiment, might be more willing to let the youngster find his bearing in game action. (They're also up to their snouts in draft picks.) It's sort of the opposite of the familiar "trade me to a contender" demands. We'll keep you up to date if anything comes to fruition.