I see the light

The Knicks are currently 22-17, which is a great result so far. Most of us would have been ecstatic to hear a guarantee that this would be their record come this time. We've had a recent string of some really tough games, but the rest of the schedule looks a lot lighter. It goes like this:

Mon 17 vs Phoenix 1:00pm MSG
Wed 19 @ Houston 8:30pm MSG
Fri 21 @ San Antonio 8:00pm MSG
Sat 22 @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm MSG
Mon 24 vs Washington 7:30pm MSG
Thu 27 vs Miami 8:00pm
Fri 28 @ Atlanta 7:30pm MSG
Sun 30 vs Detroit 7:30pm MSG
February Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Wed 02 vs Dallas 7:30pm MSG
Fri 04 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm MSG
Sun 06 vs Philadelphia 12:00pm MSG
Wed 09 vs LA Clippers 7:30pm MSG
Fri 11 vs LA Lakers 8:00pm MSG
Sat 12 @ New Jersey 7:00pm MSG
Wed 16 vs Atlanta 7:30pm MSG
Wed 23 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm MSG
Fri 25 @ Cleveland 7:30pm MSG
Sun 27 @ Miami 8:00pm MSG
March Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Tue 01 @ Orlando 7:00pm MSG
Wed 02 vs New Orleans 7:30pm MSG
Fri 04 vs Cleveland 7:30pm MSG
Sun 06 @ Atlanta 6:00pm MSG
Mon 07 vs Utah 7:30pm MSG
Wed 09 @ Memphis 8:00pm MSG
Thu 10 @ Dallas 8:30pm MSG
Sun 13 vs Indiana 6:00pm MSG
Tue 15 @ Indiana 7:00pm MSG
Thu 17 vs Memphis 7:30pm MSG
Fri 18 @ Detroit 7:30pm MSG
Sun 20 @ Milwaukee 3:00pm MSG
Mon 21 vs Boston 7:30pm MSG
Wed 23 vs Orlando 8:00pm MSG
Fri 25 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm MSG
Sat 26 @ Charlotte 7:00pm MSG
Mon 28 vs Orlando 7:30pm
Wed 30 vs New Jersey 7:30pm MSG
April Opponent Time Local TV Nat TV Radio
Sun 03 vs Cleveland 6:00pm MSG
Tue 05 vs Toronto 7:30pm MSG
Wed 06 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm MSG
Fri 08 @ New Jersey 7:00pm MSG
Sun 10 @ Indiana 7:00pm MSG
Tue 12 vs Chicago 8:00pm
Wed 13

@ Boston

8:00pm MSG

Sorry for the formatting...but out of these next 43 games, 25 of them are against teams under .500.

That sounds good, but lets examine how the Knicks' previous games played out...

Out of 39 games so far, 21 were against teams under .500.

The percentage of under .500 teams were 53.8% for the first games, and 58.3% for the next 43.

By doing simple math, the Knicks have a schedule that is 1.08 times better than what it has been so far.

We should then do slightly better percentage-wise than previously.

Doing the math for this yields: winning % from 1st 39 x 1.08 = winning % for next 43

Basically...we can expect to win 61% of our next games, which equates to 26 wins added to our 22 currently:

48-34 > probably good for 5th in the East, possibly 4th.

side: Obviously just basing our records on performance against under .500 teams isn't the greatest analysis, but I think its not too bad.