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Thunder 101, Knicks 98

I missed the beginning of tonight's game, but was around to catch the heartbreaking second half. It's now 5 AM and I just watched the tape of the full 48 minutes (except for the last 6 seconds; i couldn't stomach those again). Alas, I need to get up and do things (such as move myself and my belongings back to college) tomorrow, so I'm afraid there won't be the usual recap tonight. I did post a basic summary over at the New York site if you missed the game.

Those shooting slumps continued to kill the Knicks. Raymond Felton, Amar'e Stoudemre, and Wilson Chandler just don't have the same touch we saw from them last month, and it's dooming the team in crucial situations. I don't blame anybody for questioning Felton's three attempts in the final minute, but those were all shots he can and should make. After an 18-point first half, though, it really would have been nice to see Danilo Gallinari get some touches down the stretch. During my re-watch, I charted every one of Gallo's possessions as best I could to get some insight into why there was such a marked decline in output after the break. I'll try and digest those notes into a post at some point tomorrow, but again, I can't guarantee speediness what with all the packing and driving on the agenda.

Either way, P&T will be back in full swing starting this week (fuller, even), and with a more inspired performance tonight, I have high hopes that the Knicks are ready to get back on track as well when the Wizards come to town. Let us pray.