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Wednesday Palm Squirrels


Good afternoon, cadets. Hope y'all are having victorious Wednesdays. After the jump, you'll find some Knicks-related links and things. Enjoy.

- Palm squirrels are good at sharing.

- From the sound of things, Chris Bosh won't be playing tomorrow, which is good news. He had individual streaks of dominance in each of the Knicks' two losses to the Heat earlier this season.

- P&T For Your Earz: Matt Moore was kind enough to have me on Voice on the Floor to talk about this year's Knicks. It was a fun, frightening experience, but I think it turned out okay. Bear in mind that it was recorded almost two months ago.

- Larry Johnson is selling sweet tea! I MUST FIND THIS.

- The tale of a former Knick/dentist. Which current Knick would you be most willing to let touch your teeth?

- Jared Zwerling got to chat with Danilo Gallinari on top of the Empire State Building. Way to hijack my bucket list, Jared.

- Allan Houston is getting sued by a jilted "hoops guru".

That's it for now! Be well, children.