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Report: Knicks Add Mark Warkentien to Staff

So, uh, most of you probably already know what it is, but some may have missed this bit of news because it surfaced during last night's game (which is kind of a fetish of Adrian Wojnarowski's). Nothing's been announced yet, but the word is that the Knicks will hire Mark Warkentien, the guy who used to run the Nuggetsas a "high-level consultant". Maybe that has ramifications on the Carmelo Anthony front. Maybe it's a new name to file away once Donnie Walsh decides to retire. Whatever the case, here's Mr. Wojnarowski (scroll down for some more stuff about that scouting investigation):

The hiring of Warkentien is expected to be a prelude to a larger and more specific front-office role in the future, but that’s still an issue to be worked out. As the Knicks work to acquire Anthony through a trade this season or in free agency this summer, there’s no minimizing Warkentien’s institutional knowledge of the Nuggets organization and ownership, as well as a strong relationship with Anthony.

Neat. I'm calling him Marky Wark.