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The first two weeks of the NBA season are no longer.

Buttocks. Here's the key bit from Ken Berger's evening of tweets:

Stern: I'm sorry to report ... that the first 2 wks of the season have been canceled.

From ESPN, here's what that means for the Knicks:


Sources tell me they would have gone 7-0 in that stretch. This is some bullshit. In a way, I'm just relieved to not be dreading the first bad news anymore. At times, the wait for word from the negotiation table has felt like a long, sloppy basketball game feels. The kind you know well, where you've almost accepted a loss, and would happily just run out the clock if there wasn't the slimmest, flimsiest shave of a chance of a winning end, and even a win would make you kind of queasy.

This sucks, and it feels as if it's going to linger, but we ought to do our very best to enjoy ourselves and occupy the basketball-processing parts of our brains, hearts, and genitals. I suspect that we will succeed.