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Amar'e Stoudemire confirms that Ronny Turiaf stinks.

Amar'e Stoudemire is everywhere right now (Melo, too. Look around.). With his new sneaker (this handsome foothat) out, he's showing up everywhere, sayin' stuff about the lockout, threatenin' to start a new league, and dunkin' on a cardboard cut-out of Blake Griffin (and travelin' and almost breakin' a window). Neat. Of importance to us is this exchange from Amar'e's appearance on Dan LeBatard's show (in other news, Dan LeBatard apparently has a show) in which he throws his teammate under the bus (via IamaGM). The relevant part starts at 2:53, but embedding a cued-up video seems to be beyond my skillset, so you'll have to jump ahead yourself:

That's just not becoming of a team captain, Amar'e. If Ronny Turiaf has body odor issues, this is a matter best discussed privately with Ronny himself. (Or do as Prezbo does for Dukie and just leave some soap in his locker!) Throwing Boris Diaw in there as well isn't cool, either, and now it just seems like you've got something against Frenchmen. Poor form. For the record, I've been close enough to smell Ronny Turiaf a couple of times, and have never detected any stench of note.

Anyway, I urge all of you reading this to cope with the foibles of your peers constructively and with tact. Even though Gian smells like figs and duck urine all the time, I don't go around broadcasting that information, you know?