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P&T Knicktion: Time to Vote!

Alright, friends. The Knicktion submissions have been posted (if you sent me one and I forgot it, me!), and now it's time to reveal the authors and vote for a winner. Here are the submissions for you to review, listed with the P&T names of their authors:

"Twas The Night of the Big Game" by YuckFou

"When Crazy Cocks Attack" by Jwald360

"Summer Whine" by stingy d

"The Mellow Man" by chris-9999

"Knick Potion No. 11" by viva_morrison

"Weekend at Barney's" by breathingshark

"A Carmelo Carol" by Thelonious Dunk

Make sure you've read 'em all, then go ahead and vote below. Remember, the author of the best submission wins a P&T shirt of his choosing (or a shirt to be named later) as well as a bomb-ass P&T pen designed and provided by Gian. I can also promise 1 (one) hug and/or high five to the winner. I will also promise complementary hand-holding and verbal encouragement to any who wish to have the text of the winning Knicktion tattooed in cursive on their tummies.

Read, review, reflect, then vote away! Voting ends on Sunmonday at midnight.