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Ronny Turiaf could be headed to France.

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The champion Nat Francis.
The champion Nat Francis.

As far as I know, no basketball person who would otherwise be a member of the New York Knicks has arranged to play basketball overseas, unless you count Jerome Jordan. Amar'e Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony won't let the rumor diminish completely and Roger Mason has received offers, (I'm sure a few other guys have, too) but no Knick has actually packed up and bounced. The mot on the rue today is that Ronny Turiaf may be the first. Here's this article in French, found via Project Spurs. The important part:

Cette récente annonce a peut-être motivé le choix de Ronny Turiaf de rejoindre le championnat français et plus précisément l'Asvel où son ami Tony Parker a débuté la saison avec succès, ce vendredi. Les deux joueurs sont amis. L'arrivée de l'homme fort des Knicks avait été évoquée au début du mois à Nancy pour rejoindre Nicolas Batum. Finalement, l'opération menée de main de maître par TP pourrait se conclure rapidement à Villeurbanne. Il devrait arriver dès mercredi, une recrue de choix pour renforcer la raquette villeurbannaise.

Seth Translate:

This recent announcement to potatoes motivated the choice of Ronny Turiaf of rejoinder the champion Nat Francis and plus precisely Asvel to his son Amy Tony Parker to debut the season with success, say vendors. The douche jewers are Amy's. The arrival of the ham fort of Knicks awaiting E.T. evokes the debut of me to Nancy for rejoinder Nicolas Batum. Finally, the operation menu of Maine of mater par TP parade say conclude rapidly to Villeurbanne. The DEV-Ray arrives this Wednesday, one recruit of choice for reinforce the racket of Villeurbanne.

Google Translate:

This recent announcement may have motivated the choice of Ronny Turiaf joining the French league and specifically Asvel where his friend Tony Parker started the season successfully on Friday. The two players are friends. The arrival of the strong man of the Knicks was raised earlier this month to Nancy to join Nicolas Batum. Finally, the operation conducted masterfully by TP could be concluded quickly to Villeurbanne. It should arrive on Wednesday, a recruit for villeurbannaise strengthen the racket.

I was close! Well, I'm most inclined to believe things with certainty if they're presented in English, (and I'm sure the local reporters are tracking this story down as we speak) but this seems plausible and pretty reputable. If it's true, then bon voyage, Ronny, and we hope you're back soon. Please try to stay healthy!