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Video: Carmelo Anthony Dominates Hipsters, Jews

Carmelo Anthony's new Jordan commercial (also featuring Dwyane Wade and Chris Paul, who I guess are basketball players for other teams) aired during Monday Night Football last night (or so they tell me). Perhaps it is something you might like to watch. If it is, I've embedded it right here after this paragraph:

I'm pretty disappointed that I didn't even get an audition to play the role of "Williamsburg Pick-Up Baller" OR "Under-40 Jew". I need a new agent. And yes, Posting and Toasting is now devoted solely to whatever footwear Carmelo Anthony happens to be peddling. It pains me that this lockout is so deeply entrenched and unmistakably enduring that companies like Jordan are willing to commit resources to ads like this one. I hate this stupid buttmouth lockout so much. If I had a Jordan Brand, I'd just make commercials that say exactly that.

(Tip of the hat to the kindly bros at Quickish.)