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Video: Iman Shumpert Is Good at Sports

I think it's pretty much certain at this point that Iman Shumpert is single-handedly preserving my interest in basketball. If it weren't for his Twitter account, and especially the videos he posts of himself training, I'd already be out in the streets eating pedestrians and fornicating with garbage. But Shump won't let that happen. Shump cares, and that's why Shump keeps the dream alive with videos like this one:

Iman Shumpert on WhoSay

A few things of note: 

- That's fellow Georgia Tech-to-New York rookie Alex Montgomery of the Liberty training alongside Iman. Pretty cool to have someone making the same transition he's making, and even cooler that they're working out together.

- That drill where you snatch basketballs off the floor and tomahawk them in rapid succession? I can't do that anymore. Not since the accident.

- About halfway through, Iman hits a TON of catch-and-shoot jumpers.

- As usual, I'm pretty sure that's Shump rapping. As usual, Shump proves to be a genuinely talented rapper.

- #NoDaysOff

I can't thank you enough, Iman. You're all that's standing between me and a basketball-deprived fugue state/crime spree.