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What of the amnesty clause?

One of the assumed components of the next CBA (release date: TBA) is an amnesty clause. According to Marc Stein, said amnesty clause could be applicable in either of the next two seasons and could provide financial relief even for teams under the salary cap. It's a chance for owners to expunge a burdensome long-term contract. So, naturally, our sights turn to the Knicks' long-term payroll. Here is a list of Knicks who are guaranteed money in 2012-2013:

Amar'e Stoudemire

Carmelo Anthony

2006 NIT Most Valuable Player 2011 Pan American Games Gold Medalist Dreadlock Champion Number 32 His Humptiness Sir Renaldo Balkman

Who do you cut? It's a tough choice. Stoudemire and Anthony are All-Stars, elite scorers, and major franchise cornerstones. Balkman, as you can see, is the most illustrious of the three. Despite that fact, and despite Exhibit A-- Oh! Of course! I forgot to present Exhibit A. Here's Exhibit A.

Exhibit A:

So, anyway, despite his being the most decorated Knick and despite the above masterpiece, Balkman is widely considered to be the Knicks' most logical choice for amnesty clause expulsion. Baffling. Seriously, though, Jon of The Knicks FanBlog makes a legitimate case, harrowing as it may be, for saving that amnesty move as long as possible (something that's already being discussed here), because you never know what might happen to one of the other guys on that list [knocks violently on every wooden surface and tree in a one-mile radius]. It's paranoid, sure, but holding off on the amnesty stuff would prepare the Knicks for the very worst [re-knocks on everything, just to be sure] and also keep Humpty around for another year. Win-win!

While we're on the topic, Tommy Beer compiled a list of big men who MIGHT become available if that amnesty clause goes into effect. Might. It's certainly worth a look. Thoughts, children?

P.S.: The black-and-white thing is a network-wide middle finger to the NBA lockout and the games we're missing starting tonight. It'll be gone soon.