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We might get a TV show about the Knicks.

As I type this, basketball players of all shapes and sizes are meeting in New York to appraise the most recent CBA proposal from NBA owners. There is a distinct possibility that today's meeting decides the fate of the 2011-2012 NBA season. Over the weekend, we learned that's not the only thing at stake. From Marc Berman of the Post:

The NBA reality show, "The Association’’ has contacted the Knicks about being the subject of their third season, according to a television source.

"The Association’’ -- an up-close, behind-the-scenes series -- is similar to HBO’s NFL documentary series "Hard Knocks’’ that once followed the Jets. Talks with the Knicks are only in their initial stage.

So, those representing the Knicks (I saw that Carmelo Anthony is present. One would assume that Toney Douglas, the new team rep, is there as well.) have more than just a basketball season to consider; their reality show careers are at stake. Now, Melo's already done reality TV and sources tell me that Toney and Harry Douglas are getting some interest from major networks in their "My Brother and Me" remake, so I'm worried that the matter won't be taken seriously enough in today's meetings. I want this season and this reality show to happen too much for some jaded industry veterans to be the ones representing the Knicks. Obviously, the only solution is for Renaldo Balkman to attend. He's already got a list full of ideas for "Association" spin-offs ("Renaldo's Modern Life", "Renaldo and Stimpy" with Anthony Carter as Stimpy) in mind, so I think he'd be most instrumental in getting a deal done and restoring excellence to our television screens.

Please, please find a way to get this deal done. If not for the good of basketball, then for the good of reality television. Please please please please pelasepleaseplaeplesae