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We're not going anywhere.

So, it really seems like the NBA lockout is going to carry well into 2012, if not forever. P&T will continue to operate, though, as it has throughout the lockout to date. Our numbers are obviously way down, but I'm delighted to see that some of you have stuck around. You've continued to comment and contribute posts, even picking up the slack while I refuse to acknowledge the lockout, and for that I am incredibly thankful. Going forward, here's what I'm thinking:

- Obviously, I'll continue to provide the same sputtering stream of Knicks content that you're used to.

- I'll also post lockout threads and news when I feel the urge, which is going to be rare. I encourage you to use the comments and Fanposts to discuss the lockout to your heart's content. I just won't be participating much, because I'd rather talk about literally anything else than other people's money.

- And that's the point of this post, really. In the absence of basketball, I want us to still talk and be friends. There's no reason we can't. Starting tomorrow, I think, I'm going to post an open thread every morning. I'll make it up as I go along, but this open thread will likely include whatever links and videos and stuff I want to share with you, as well as discussion topics or challenges or whatever else I can think of. I have plenty of things in mind already. Note that this will be separate from any Knicks content. "Lifestyle".

- I'd also really like to get us back into live-commenting sometimes. I miss game threads too much. Yesterday, a few people suggested picking up another team in another sport (like a New York-area college team), which I'm not opposed to. I know, for instance, that some of you are St. John's fans, and we've also got Osborn on the scene and I happen to have been watching some Red Storm games myself. So, that's a possibility. At the same time, we needn't restrict ourselves to basketball. It'd be kind of fun if there was a show or regular event of some sort that we could all watch together. I was thinking that Jeopardy! might be a good option, since it's kind of the only thing I watch anymore, but it airs at different times in different places, so that'd be tough. Anyway, I'm open to ideas on the "game thread" front.

- We'll probably have more contests of some sort.

- My major qualm with expanding our scope is that the further we get from the Knicks, the more likely it is that folks get rowdy and/or vicious and/or more off-topic than we'd like. (Politics, sex, religion and other topics likely to produce comments in poor taste would qualify as "more off-topic than we'd like". Use your judgment.) The point of this entire endeavor is to keep ourselves sane 'n' entertained during the lockout, so please help me to maintain a friendly atmosphere and encourage positive contributions. The usual guidelines apply, and I will continue to enforce them with the same wanton, uneven vigor as before. You, meanwhile, are encouraged to rec good posts, flag inappropriate ones, and email me with questions or troubles.

And that's all I can think of right now. If this lockout has driven you to bail on the Knicks or P&T or both, then I can't blame you (and you're probably not reading this anyway). We're not going anywhere, though, and if you intend to stick with us, then we might as well enjoy each other's company.