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P&T Lockout Lifestylez: Board Games

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During this horrible, terrible lockout, we at P&T will use our free time to get to know each other better and learn from one another by sharing the non-Knicks aspects of our beings. As often as I can manage, we'll take on a new topic and whatever nonsense comes with it.

Today's topic: Board games.

I don't think of myself as a big board game person. Maybe a medium board game person. I didn't grow up around many board games, perhaps because my mom has an utterly inexplicable hatred for them (my theory is that she was terrorized by Rich Uncle Pennybags as a youngster). Our house staple was always Scrabble, which I enjoyed until my little brother's skills overtook my own by a long shot. (I would guess-- and I'm really not exaggerating-- that he is now one of the best Scrabble players on the planet). Here are some other board games I have played and enjoyed:



Trouble (at my grandma's house. My mom would never let us have it because it was WAY too loud).

Chess/Checkers/Backgammon (or, as I originally typed, "Badminton")


Trivial Pursuit

Guess Who?

Don't Wake Daddy (a terrifying game)

Gooey Louie (criminally underrated. There aren't enough board games with boogers out there.)

Mancala (I had a computer game called "Strategy Games of the World". I can't tell you how many times I've lost to a burly ship's captain in mancala).

I'm sure I've played more, but those stick out in my head as pleasant experiences. I've never had the patience for Risk (I just end up putting the little army people in my hair and/or eating them.) or Monopoly (I just end up robbing people at gunpoint).

Most recently, I've discovered the Settlers of Catan. Here is a fact about Settlers of Catan: it is the best game. It was introduced to me in college, and I now own my own board and play pretty frequently online. It actually has a lot of the same qualities as Risk and Monopoly, but it's just a lot better. I've taught a lot of folks to play it, and they all loved it. It is the best. The point of this post was about 75% to see if any of y'all are settlers.


- What's your favorite board game? What's your BEST board game?

- Do you settle Catan?

- Did you ever own board games that were too confusing to actually play, but had pieces that made great toys?

- Any EPIC board game stories?

- How do you define "board game"? Is Scattergories a board game, even though it doesn't have any board?


A Scattergories card, as completed by Jared Jeffries (the letter is "R"):

Vegetables: Rutabaga

States: Rhode Island

Things You Throw Away: Rotten rutabaga rinds

Occupations: Rapping rutabaga reaper

Appliances: Rutabaga cooker

Cartoon characters: Roger Rabbit

Types of drink: Rutabaga nectar

Musical groups: Reel 2 Real

Store names: Rutabagas "R" Us 

Things at a football game: Ray Rice

Trees: Rutabaga tree

Personality traits: Rowdiness

Points awarded: 19 (Shelden Williams also answered "Rutabaga nectar").