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P&T Lockout Lifestyles: Leftovers

During this horrible, terrible lockout, we at P&T will use our free time to get to know each other better and learn from one another by sharing the non-Knicks aspects of our beings. As often as I can manage, we'll take on a new topic and whatever nonsense comes with it.

Today's topic: Thanksgiving leftovers.

I love Thanksgiving (and I had a good one), but I'm not a huge fan of Thanksgiving food, except for the desserts. I still fill my entire body with turkey and all the side dishes and whatnot, but I just can't see why pizza or tacos shouldn't be the main course. Who would object? Certainly nobody in my family.

What I can definitely get behind are Thanksgiving leftovers. Leftover turkey is my #1 jam. My brother and I took down a bunch of it with our bare hands last night, and I intend to snuggle some between some slices of rye bread throughout the week. My mom, meanwhile, took every single vegetable left behind and blended it into a massive pot of pimped-out borscht, which I'm sure I'll be seeing well into 2012. She's also a big proponent of frying mashed potatoes into little latke-like patties, but I don't remember seeing any mashed potatoes last night. I may have blacked out from cookie consumption.

I'm interested to hear y'all's approach to leftovers, Thanksgiving or otherwise. (A leftover pizza debate might be worthwhile). I hope you guys had excellent times last night and that you've got plenty of time and space to relax today. Oh, and Black Friday. I'm sure some of you are doing that, too. Get them dealz, but be safe.