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Ronny Turiaf debuted in France over the weekend.

Ronny Turiaf, long rumored to be headed France-ward, appears to have finally consummated that effort by suiting up for ASVEL Basket on Sunday. Recall that insurance issues with the Knicks held the move up for a few weeks, but those have clearly been overcome. ASVEL, which also includes Tony Parker, Hilton Armstrong, Djion Thompson (former Knicks draft pick! Oh, how I would have loved to call him "Mustard"!), and Jamie Skeen, lost to some lady named Nancy, 92-77. Nancy must be quite the athlete!

In the loss, Turiaf scored 9 points on 3-6 shooting, grabbed 8 rebounds, tossed three assists, and, true to form, committed 4 fouls in 26 minutes. (Typing out a line from a box score just made me tear up a little bit.) has the full report, which includes the following, with quotes translated from this:

Turiaf himself reportedly appeared fatigued in the game, and Asvel coach Pierre Vincent explained in the post-game that "I had no plans to play [Turiaf] so much. I left him at the end of the game because of his play and his experience."

Good work, Ronny. You'll get your wind back. Click through that BallinEurope link to see video of Turiaf playing in his new ASVEL jersey (which, for some reason, reminds me of Reptile from Mortal Kombat).