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Iman Shumpert might not wear number 21.

I CARE, okay? That's who cares. This is important. Iman Shumpert's newest "Lockout Diary" entry for the Post can be found here. It's of the Q&A (quails and ass is what I think that means) sort, and it includes this quail and ass:

Q: What is the situation with your Knicks jersey number?

A: The week before the lockout, I worked out in New York and I was going to go with No. 21. I was in a rush to find a number before the lockout. I wore No. 1 at Georgia Tech, but Amar'e Stoudemire has that. I picked 21 because my mother's birthday is Aug. 21, and I'm a combo guard, playing the 2 and 1. I may change my number when this lockout ends. I have a number in mind -- maybe 11 -- but we'll see what happens. When I think No. 11, I think of 1-on-1, you have to stand as your own man.

Andy Rautins currently wears number 11, so that might not be happening. Not unless Shump's prepared to best Andy in a game of frisbee golf, which is how Andy settles scores over contentious jersey numbers. To my own admittedly obsessive sensibilities, neither 21 nor 11 will do, because they're still associated with ex-Knicks of recent history (Wilson Chandler and Trevor Ariza, Jamal Crawford and Marcus Landry, I guess). I'd be happiest if Shump chose a totally novel jersey number like 59 or 1,800 or W or a picture of Deputy Dawg gazing longingly at a chimichanga or something. Either way, this matters very, very much because it is important. Very important. I will update with any new intelligence.