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Is Toney Douglas's shoulder still not healed?

Buried in this Marc Berman story about Chris Paul that I didn't read is a snippet of intelligence regarding one Toney Douglas. It's not what we want to hear:

Douglas is coming off major shoulder surgery and there’s been rumblings his rehab was slower than expected.

When The Post asked him two weeks ago, Douglas said, "Still in the process.’’ Douglas repaired his torn labrum during surgery May 4 and the Knicks said it would take four months to heal.

It's been [mathmathmath] almost 7 months since that surgery, so it'd be a lot cooler if Douglas was fully healed by now. Now, it's not like Toney's incapacitated. We know he's been working out, and, as Berman says (and as I guessed earlier), he might show up at the training facility before camp opens next week. It's hard to say what this means for Toney's ability to DWTDD. I suppose we'll know more once he does materialize, whether that's at the beginning of camp or sooner. In any event, we're probably set for another year of cringing when Toney plows through screens.