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A Summary of the Moves the Knicks Are Making (Updated at 11:52 AM)

Morning, seahogs. Things seemed uncertain for a second there, but it appears that the Knicks have made their big moves, with a few smaller ones still left. Let's run through them. I'm never certain whether these things have happened or are merely agreed upon, so we'll just use the present tense.

- The Knicks shed the $14.2 million expiring contract of Chauncey Billups via the amnesty clause.

- The Knicks withdraw their $1.1 million qualifying offer to Derrick Brown, who becomes an unrestricted free agent (and returns to Charlotte).

- The Knicks trade Ronny Turiaf and cash to the Wizards for a trade exception of some sort.

- The Knicks sign Tyson Chandler to a four-year, $58 million contract. (Official announcement/introduction forthcoming). (Update: Press conference at 2)

- The Knicks sign Jared Jeffries to a one-year, $1.4 million contract.

- The Knicks sign Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson to rookie contracts.

And here's a big one:

- The Knicks buy Jerome Jordan out from the Slovenian club KK Krka. No details on his contract yet, but it's happening.

Meanwhile, Mike Bibby is headed to New York this morning. It does sound like the Knicks are serious about signing him, despite everybody's professed confidence in Toney Douglas. I will save any thoughts about a Bibby signing for when it actually happens.

Without Bibby, the Knicks roster stands at 12. Shawne Williams is still out there, waiting, pooping in the corner.

Update: One reporter says that Andy Rautins will be sent to the Mavs in the Chandler deal, but that they'll buy him out. Very curious to see what would happen thereafter.

Update again: Berman confirms and adds that a sign-and-trade with Rautins might preserve the Knicks' mid-level exception? That'd be terrific (and VINTAGE Grunwald. My man.).

Nevermind. Rautins is gone, though.

Or maybe so? I ought to just shut up and wait, eh?