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Reports: Knicks signing Mike Bibby, After J.J. Barea?

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Sam Amick just twat:

Source says Mike Bibby will indeed sign a one-year, minimum deal with New York.

I, like most of you, don't like the idea of Bibby joining the Knicks. Bibby strikes me as an uncreative, low-ceiling solution to the point guard hole, and I also just don't like him. On a one-year minimum contract as a back-up, though, it is what it is. It's a lot like the Jared Jeffries thing. As a low-usage reserve, Bibby is perfectly capable of handling the ball, hitting an open shot, wearing a headband, and looking like John Brown from "The White Rapper Show". Hopefully, D'Antoni would ask nothing more of him. Also, he just spent time with the Heat, so he can probably share his knowledge of their play calls or some weird pressure point on Chris Bosh's hip or something.


Chris Mannix:

Knicks have been in contact with J.J. Barea and are making a strong push to acquire him, source says.

Knicks don't have the money to sign Barea outright but, according to a source, are working on different scenarios to land him

My goodness! I'm curious to see what it would take to snag Barea, but I certainly think he has plenty to offer this team.