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Berger: Baron Davis remains a possibility for the Knicks.

A couple factors-- the Mike Bibby signing, Mike D'Antoni's expressed confidence in Toney Douglas, Dan Gilbert reminding the world that he is a fool-- sort of eclipsed the rumors of Baron Davis getting waived by Cleveland and heading to the Knicks. Ken Berger and others just twat that Davis is still likely to be dropped (by way of the amnesty clause?) and, in that case, might be New York-bound.

Source says "looking promising" that Baron Davis gets waived and ends up w/ Knicks. Cavs haven't made decision, though, and have til Friday.

Davis has left Cleveland to have his bad back examined. Source says it will "be a while" before he plays.

Davis would have to clear waivers to land with Knicks. New York over cap now, so couldn't claim him.

Hmm. A few things:

- Do not overlook the fact that Davis hasn't actually been waived yet, and would have to clear waivers to even give the Knicks the option of signing him.

- The bad back is either 1. Genuinely discouraging or 2. The kind of thing that can be cured by putting on a jersey that doesn't say "Cleveland" on the front.

- Would Davis sign for the "room" exception? He wouldn't be willing to take a veteran's minimum deal, would he?

- With Davis, the Knicks would suddenly go from having sparse point guard options to having a really weird logjam with Davis/Douglas/Bibby/Iman Shumpert.

I don't know, guys. With Bibby on board, (oh man that just gave me an idea) I'd kind of like to see that "room" exception used to bring back Shawne Williams. The depth at the 3 and 4 positions is pretty lacking. Then again, Davis is probably a more natural, useful point guard than anybody on the current roster (if healthy). Thoughts?