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Shawne Williams will make a decision by Wednesday.

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It's getting time for Shawne Williams to make a decision. It's not THE decision, just a decision, (as much as I'd love to hear him say "I will be taking my poops to the Big Apple") but it's still something we'll be watching pretty closely. Here's Ian Begley:

If the Knicks want to sign Shawne Williams, they may only have two more days -- at most -- to make their pitch.

Williams' agent Happy Walters told by phone Monday that he expects Williams to commit to a team by Wednesday. The free-agent forward had a breakout season in New York last year.

Walters has been in contact with the Knicks in recent days.

"They know where we stand we know where we stand," he said.

It does sound like Williams has received lengthier, more lucrative offers from other teams (Begley mentions the Mavericks, Heat, and Lakers), but would most like to return to New York (he's said as much). Shawne's waiting to see if the Knicks are willing to use their "room" exception-- $5 million over 2 years-- to bring him back. The Knicks, meanwhile, could really use Williams's presence off the bench, but are checking down all the available guards that are even remotely point-y first. If New York was to, say, snaggle Jamal Crawford with the "room" exception, (unlikely, but they're definitely trying) then the best they could offer Williams would be a one-year deal for the veteran's minimum. The Poopsmith loves each and every one of us as much as we love him, but it'd probably be hard to pass on more years and dollars just to stay in New York. We shall see by Wednesday, I suppose.

Update: Alan Hahn's most recent Fix sheds a little more light on this situation with respect to both Williams and Crawford.