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Where Things Stand With Jamal Crawford, Shawne Williams, and Maurice Evans

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In this photograph, Derrick Rose represents the Knicks and Jamal Crawford represents Jamal Crawford. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
In this photograph, Derrick Rose represents the Knicks and Jamal Crawford represents Jamal Crawford. (Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With training camp nearing its end and the preseason just days away, (AHHHHH!!!1) the Knicks remain uncertain about the the completion of their roster. Said uncertainty radiates from the frontal lobe of Jamal Crawford. His waffling is keeping the Knicks from squandering their "room" exception, while a couple other "room" candidates wait to see how things shake out. Let's see what the latest is on each of the parties involved.

Crawford rejected the relatively substantial offer from the Pacers that I linked to yesterday, but is mulling comparable offers from Sacramento and Portland. The Blazers seem to be the front-runner, as they can pay the full mid-level (by amnestying Brandon Roy) and play near Crawford's hometown of Seattle (there are no reports that the Knicks have considered relocation, at least not yet). Portland is what his mom wants, too. (Update on Portland's offer: I was wrong about using the amnesty on Brandon Roy, though that had been suggested in some reports. It sounds like their involvement in a potential Dwight Howard trade might be the thing that frees up space. That might take a while.)

The fact that Crawford's decision has taken this long is somewhat encouraging, but the Knicks should probably bank on Crawford heading elsewhere. In that case, they'll pass the "room" offer to one of the other unsigned bros waiting in the wings. Shawne Williams has multi-year offers from other clubs, (including those dastardly Nets) and would love to see the Knicks ante up. I've seen no indication that New York definitely intends to raise their offer to Williams if Crawford signs elsewhere, but it seems like a fair assumption.

Maurice Evans's name has recently been tossed into the running as well. Evans, "The Human Pectoral", is an adequate enough defender, a gifted labor negotiator (might be useful if the rookies unionize over towel-carrying duties or something), and seems like the type who would magically animorph into a three-point specialist on a D'Antoni squad. That said, I think most of us would prefer Extra E (if you differ, let us know why).

Baron Davis still hasn't been waived (Cleveland has until Friday), and it appears that his back problem is, like, actually a back problem. So, despite his perhaps being the best fit of all the guys mentioned, Davis doesn't seem to be getting much attention.

If all else fails, Zabian Dowdell's available, though the Knicks might be well past their Cool Names Quota for 2011.

Thus, the Knicks find themselves with a modest sum to offer, sandwiched between a guy who'd be stooping to accept it and at least one who seems to be holding out for it. Their patience has been admirable, but one hopes they don't wait too long and strike out completely.