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Report: Shawne Williams will sign with the Nets. (Updated at 1:58 PM)

Farewell, Extra E. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Farewell, Extra E. (Photo by Chris Trotman/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Frank Isola just twat:

Breaking: Knicks lose another one. Shawne Williams, according to a source, decides to sign with Nets

We'll await confirmation, but...this makes me quite sad. This is in large part because I (we) have an irrational, unhealthy obsession with Shawne and his fecal stylings. That's not the only reason, though. Shawne would have been a meaningful part of this roster. As I said previously, this leaves the Knicks with very limited depth behind Amar'e Stoudemire; we might be seeing more of Jared Jeffries than we'd care to this season. We'll see if they extend that "room" offer to someone like Maurice Evans or Bostjan Nachbar.

Anyway, I don't blame Shawne for following the better contract (details of which I haven't seen yet) (see update below) and promise of more playing time. And I do wonder if the Knicks messed up by recruiting Jamal Crawford so vigorously and putting Williams-- the more realistic option-- on the back burner. That'd be a damn shame.

Best of luck to Shawne aka Extra E aka The Poopsmith in New Jersey. He gave us one delightful, poop-filled season, and we'll miss him dearly.

Update: Alex Kennedy:

The New York Knicks will zero in on Maurice Evans, according to source close to the situation. They're offering $2.5 million room exception.

Update: Ken Berger:

Shawne Williams has agreed to sign with the Nets for the same two-year, $5M that the Knicks offered him, source confirms.

Wow. Well done, Nets.

Update: Woj:

Despite verbal to Nets on 2 year, $6M deal, Knicks haven't stopped recruiting Shawne Williams, sources say. Border war coming to life again.

That's also tacking a million dollars on to the Nets' reported offer. This is an odd one.