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A Little Preseason Ticket Contest

Thanks to the benevolence of our friend Bernard King's Game Face, I have two tickets to give away for Sunday's Blue-Orange Scrimmage. To earn those tickets, you'll have to win a contest today. Those of you who've been with P&T for a while should be plenty familiar with this type of contest. Here's how it works:

- The Knicks play the Nets at 2 PM today. Between now and 2 PM, your task is to leave one comment on this post guessing the Knicks' leading scorer for today's preseason game against the Nets. Since it's a preseason game and minutes are totally unpredictable, I expect that to be pretty tough. I will close comments at 1:30, half an hour before game time.

- Please comment only once, and make it clear whose name you're guessing.

- Once the game is over, the names of folks who correctly guessed the leading scorer will be thrown into a hat, and I will select one person to get both tickets to Sunday's scrimmage. If two Knicks tie for leading scorer, guessers of both will qualify for the tickets. If nobody correctly guesses the leading scorer, I'll move right on down the list of leading scorers until I find somebody that people did guess.

- Please do not enter the contest if you (or two people you know) cannot attend this event. It's at 12 PM tomorrow at Madison Square Garden.

Should be pretty straightforward, but let me know if you have any questions. These are e-tickets, by the way, so I'll email them to the winner.

Guess away!