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Steve Novak is almost a Knick now, too.

Woj reports:

Novak, a 6-foot-11 forward, does have to pass through waivers unclaimed. The Knicks would guarantee Novak a league minimum contract for the 2011-12 season.

Brought into San Antonio Spurs camp late last week, the Spurs released Novak and placed him on waivers Monday night.

Now, are we to assume that Novak will clear waivers? What of this tweet, which has since been deleted?

On his twitter account, Novak thanked the Spurs organization, and tweeted: "Next stop…NY"

It seems plausible that Novak and the Knicks could both have word that nobody intends to bid, but you never know (which is probably why Novak untwat his tweet). If this does come to pass, it gives us fourteen Knicks, (plus Chris Hunter and Devin Green, who could well be candidates for the final spot) and, I think, a better fourteen than the twelve (+CH&DG) they carried last week. Novak, one hopes, might occupy the shadow of Shawne Williams with...something from the corners and hopefully a bit of defense. But let's see if he actually clears waivers. (If somebody wants to bone the Knicks, this would be an excellent opportunity. If his name was Steve Williams, the Nets would already be on the phone with him.)