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Game Thread: Knicks vs. Celtics- 12/25/11

Merry Chrimbus, everybody! I am beside myself. A few reminders and notes for this first game thread of the regular season:

- Please do not post links to streams.

- Please do not post .gifs or photos.

- Please be civil and respectful to fellow commenters, even those who are Celtics fans (including the fine folks at Celtics Blog).

- There will likely be a new thread at halftime.

- I'm away from home and not in an ideal game-watching situation today, so I probably won't get a good, thorough viewing of this one in until later on. That being the case, you won't see a recap until late tonight or tomorrow morning.

- Paul Pierce is a game-time decision, by the way.

Enjoy your holiday, enjoy the game, and enjoy each other's company in this here thread! And don't forget to check out the aforementioned Celtics Blog! Oh man I'm so nervous.