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Iman Shumpert and Jared Jeffries will both miss time.

So, this sucks. Howard Beck just twat:

Shumpert out 2-4 weeks and Jeffries out 1-2 weeks, Knicks announce

Iman Shumpert sprained his MCL colliding with Chris Wilcox and had to be carried off the floor, while Jared Jeffries re-injured his calf at some point in the third quarter. It really, royally sucks to lose Shump, who looked shaky but aggressive this early for this long (4 weeks would be over a quarter of the season) this early, but I'm thankful that it isn't anything worse than a sprain. Ligaments are scary. (Also scary: The Knicks kind of need Mike Bibby now. Like a lot.)

Jeffries's defense will be missed as well, and his absence will shift even more responsibility to guys like Josh Harrellson and Renaldo Balkman.

I'll take that win, but...shit. Again, recap coming much later tonight.