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What's up with Jerome Jordan?

Nobody really knows. Alan Hahn mentioned Jerome Jordan in his most recent Fix, then addressed a question about him in today's live chat:

RHONDA: Need more info on J. Jordan and what the deal is. . why isn't he here yet. Makes no sense to me as he fills a need. One that may be better served by him than someone on their last legs for big $$?

Rhonda, I've emailed AND texted his agent, AND left a voice mail. But the agent did talk to Berman of the Post (should I be insulted?) about two weeks ago and said if the Knicks didn't invite Jerome Jordan to camp, he'd request a trade. Probably a good idea for the agent to sit tight right now if the Knicks told him to. Clearly the Knicks have monitored Jordan's progress - they have a scout in Europe - so if they believed he could be a big help, he'd be here.

There's still some time before training camp starts for real, but still, it's hard to tell what the hold-up is. Perhaps he's sticking around so he can get a last run in with Krka today against Azovmash Mariupol before returning to the States? Maybe he's developed a taste for Kranjska klobasa such that he refuses to be apart from it? Maybe he's got his foot stuck in a stitula? Maybe he just hates my painstakingly researched but nonetheless terrible Slovenia jokes and thus refuses to be in the same country as me?

Or perhaps the Knicks don't feel he's even worth bringing to camp. That seems silly and unlikely. We'll know soon enough.