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Reports: Jared Jeffries will re-sign with the Knicks.

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All the beat guys are confirming what Tommy Dee suggested to be likely a few days ago: Jared Jeffries will return to the Knicks on a one-year contract. Al Iannazzone:

I have been told Jared Jeffries will re-sign with the .

Expect Jeffries to get a one-year deal. Most - if not all - of the Knicks' deals will be one year.

Whatever. It doesn't really hurt to keep Jeffries around for one more year. Mike D'Antoni likes the guy for reasons that are beyond my ken, and maybe he and Mike Woodson can prod him into playing a consistently useful role for the Knicks. I look forward to another season of pursed lips, inexplicable off-hand layups, and occasional spasms of competent defense. We're one Shelden Williams signing away from reuniting last year's three-headed center!

And yes, Al Iannazzone, formerly of the Nets beat, is now a Knicks reporter for the Record.