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A Thread For Other Knicks Free Agent Rumors and News

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Besides the moves necessary to acquire Tyson Chandler, the Knicks may have their hands in a few other pots. Some items of note:

- The Knicks pretty much took themselves out of contention for Grant Hill with the Chandler stuff, and now it appears that the Suns will re-sign him for one year, $6.5 million. The Knicks may have just been used for leverage, anyway. Not cool, Grant! We were gonna buy so many Tamia albums! You have no idea!

- Meanwhile, the Knicks are about to become a bit shallow at point guard. Everybody 'round these parts is clamoring for Baron Davis, and it does sound like there'll be some mutual attraction. Interestingly enough, Davis's agent is Todd Ramasar, the same guy who represents Jerome Jordan. Ramasar did nothing to dispel the notion that Davis might like to be a Knick, but a number of things would have to happen first. He'd have to be amnestied by the Cavaliers, (Dan Gilbert can not be trusted to follow through with that. He can barely be trusted to feed himself.) clear waivers, then agree to terms with the Knicks. Not impossible, but also not something to count on.

- Haven't heard anything at all about Shawne Williams. Come back to us, Poopsmith.

I'll update this thread with items regarding lesser free agents. The thread below is for Tyson Chandler stuff and the related moves with Chauncey Billups and Ronny Turiaf. I think dividing it like this might help keep the threads from getting cluttered.

Hope y'all are having pleasant, peaceful days and not getting too swept up in the MAAAAAADNESS!