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The Knicks will acquire Tyson Chandler.

Tyson Chandler is a Knick. It is happening. Chauncey Billups will be jettisoned via the amnesty clause and Ronny Turiaf will be traded somewhere to make room. Other small moves may be necessary as well.

But let's talk about Tyson. He brings defense and he brings rebounding. He allows Amar'e Stoudemire to move permanently into his preferred slot at power forward. He also eats up a great deal of cap space and has quite a lengthy injury history, although that excludes most of last season.

So, there are both benefits and risks. Fancy that! I'm pretty pleased with the move. The Knicks spent a ton of money, but I think they did so to address THE area of need on last season's team.

Some odds and ends:

- Now I'm seriously wondering about the jersey number. Chandler wore 3 in Chicago and has worn 6 ever since.

- Haven't listened to this, but this includes a link to the podcast interview Chandler did today.

- There will be posts on what this means for the Knicks' guard situation (and, of course, posts if that guard situation changes). We need some time to let things settle.

- I've already had some conversations about a nickname for the Knicks' suddenly pimped-out front court. My brain, which has not generated new synapses since 1996, immediately thought: "Carmelo...Amar'e...Tyson...CAT SQUAD!", but um...yeah. I'm sure we can do better.

Anyway, I think this is pretty cool. Most of all, I'm excited to have a core more or less in place and to know-- more or less-- who my Knicks will be for the foreseeable future. Unless some other shit happens, but...nah. Good stuff.

Update: Been trying to find this all day. It's splendid. I highly recommend giving it a read.