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Meanwhile, at Knicks training camp...

Free agency wasn't the only thing to open up today. Knicks training camp did, too. And that simultaneity proved just as awkward as we expected (although nothing like the situations in New Orleans and L.A). Because of all the signing madness, the Knicks have only seven guys suited up for the first day of camp. Hahn twat the roster:

As open training camp, there are 7 players signed and on the court: Amar'e, Melo, Landry, Toney, Walker, Rautins and Balkman.

That's certainly a lovable bunch, but you'll notice that a few names are missing. Because the Chauncey Billups amnesty, Ronny Turiaf trade, and Tyson Chandler signing are still processing, Iman Shumpert and Josh Harrellson have not been signed yet. Neither has Jared Jeffries. Those guys are all certain to join in soon enough (well, I'm assuming that the Knicks won't renege on Jeffries's deal). Less certain are guys like Jerome Jordan (still no clue) and Shawne Williams, who is still fielding offers. Woj:

The Knicks are working to bring forward Shawne Williams back on a deal, but Nets and others still trying to wrest him away, sources say.

UNHAND OUR POOP, NETS. If Jordan and Extra E both join, that brings the roster to [mathmathmath] 13. Still a couple signings to be made no matter what. In the meantime, Jonah Ballow (the new KnicksNow bro) is a good guy to follow on Twitter if you want to know what's happening at camp. Or any of the usual reporters. I just thought you might like to mix things up. What? I'm not insinuating anything. No, I think your hair looks fine. You're being unreasonable.

Update: Hahn: "Doesn't sound like will make adding a PG a priority. D'Antoni says Toney Douglas can handle PG and offense will run thru Melo."