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Friday Golden Bamboo Lemurs


Photo: Rachel Kramer

Good day, rangers. It's linkin' time! Take the jump.

- Bamboo lemurs chow down on cyanide like it's nothing. What of it?

- The Knicks are, ya know, not the Lakers.

- Barring an unforeseen (but actually totally predictable) comeback, this will be Phil Jackson's last night at Madison Square Garden.

- The story behind some of Clyde's most recent garb.

- Ray Williams is picking himself back up.

- Shoals is back at for an essay on the SUPASTARS: Amar'e Stoudemire and Kobe Bryant.

- Clyde always says playing from behind is debilitating. He's on to something. You probably already figured this out, but when the Knicks come back, they rarely come all the way back.

Them's the links! Pre-game recon coming soon!