And here's why none of this trade stuff matters.

Dear Knicks Fans (Not you, bandwagoners. I'll write you your own letter later),

This has been a trying time for all of us. We're all nervous about who's going to be traded, or if there will even be a trade at all. We're worried about cap space going forward. We're nervous about Dolan going behind Donnie's back, and whether the Don will be with us in the near future. We're worried about having a great basketball team and winning the championship that our city has been thirsting for.

Last night I read the story about us potentially trading away our core guys, and I went to fell asleep with a heavy heart. But when I woke up this morning, I felt calm. Here's why:

Next Thursday at 3:01pm we will know who is on our team, and we'll have a good idea of who is really running our front office as well. And no matter who is on the roster or on the front office, we're going to be here rooting our hearts out.

We're Knicks fans. We felt the ache of saying goodbye to Mark Jackson, John Starks, Marcus Camby, and Patrick Ewing. We felt the weight of Houston's contract. We limped along with Howard Eisley and Frank Williams. Our hearts broke with McDyess' kneecap. Desperately we searched through the empty shells of Vin Baker, Keith Van Horne, and Shandon Anderson trying to find daylight. When Don Chaney was escorted outside, we wondered if we could go with him. We could have, but we didn't. We cast sad smiles on the shenanigans of Matt Barnes and Qyntel Woods, and we wondered who Renaldo Balkman was. We witnessed the horror of a Starbury imploding right before our eyes, and hung our heads as Isiah did to his promises what Eddy Curry did to his aerobic exercise ball.

And we're still here.

And if you're a Knicks fan, you know damn well that trade or no trade, regardless of who's on the roster, or what fiend lurks in the front office, you will be rooting for the Knicks. You're going to make time to watch the games. You're going to hope, pray, celebrate, be deflated,and scream profanity with the rest of us. You're going to log on to Posting and Toasting and join us in a Half Time Snack Thread.

Seth will continue to comfort us with recaps, Nets fans will continue to troll our beloved fanposts with envy, and an undercover Barnesgasm will always lurk among us (and no I'm not Barnesgasm).

So I'm not stressing about this trade drama anymore. I love the New York Knicks so much, and I can't walk away from them. We know we've all lost our cool and said that we would, but we can't. And I like that. Come Thursday afternoon at 3:01 pm my life is still going to be great. We're fans of the greatest team representing the greatest city in the world, and that's beautiful.

See you guys on Thursday.


The third finger on John's right hand.