This remind anyone of McAdoo, Heyward, The Pearl....

Back in the 70's (post-championship), Knick ownership figured that if one scorer was good, and two was better, then 4 must be better still and another 2 would be even better! With an aging Clyde and Pearl, Knicks picked up hot young scorer Spencer Heywood. Then Bob McAdoo for three first round picks (who dominated the ball). The Randy Smith who could shoot with 24 seconds left on the shot clock. Then Mike Newlin...

I don't know, I'm not seeing this Melo thing no matter how much you give up. I get the two superstar thing, but don't they have to complement each other? This isn't Scottie playing second fiddle to Mikey, This isn't Kobe and Shaq, or Hakeem and Clyde. These are two scoring forwards - neither of whom can run the point and both need the ball to be successful.

For everyone that said that this team couldn't compete - it couldn't this year. Maybe not even next year. But I LIKE watching a team grow together. These guys are all babies, and they all know how to play. I hate the idea of trying to scoop up superstars like this. I like building a team. Yeah, it might take a few years to be top of the division, but I know they would outlast the Celts, and eventually I think they'd give the Heat a run.

If this trade goes down, you really think that Melo, Stat, and Chauncey are going to learn to mesh in D'Antonio's system in 30 games?

I don't want Melo at any price.